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The History of
Mama Cacao

Everything started in 2017

We decided to found the non-profit association, Chakana, aims to generate an
emotional and transpersonal growth in our society. In workshops, performances and lectures we approach the
theme of reconnection with the earth and our emotions. The aim is to shift our attention from our intellectual body
to our emotions and from there to perceive things from a different perspective.
The association acts as a community platform in Zurich, doing various events to raise funds for native
communities in the Amazon.
After 4 years of doing benefit events, we decided to go one step further, and with this, to make our actions lucrative
for us too.
That is how we decided at 2022 to found Mama Cacao, offering a quality, healthy product that we are proud and
happy to share with you. Reconnecting with the jungles of South America. As well as events, where the philosophy
of Chakana is still alive. Continuing with the community and making it grow even more. Generating spaces where
personal and collective development are one


What is a cacao ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a community gathering centered around the ancestral drink of cacao. We drink cacao to
meditate and express gratitude for all that we have and all that we are. The flood of theobromine and other
feel-good molecules in cacao opens up your heart, helping you connect with yourself and your community.

Some of the benefits include:
An open heart, pure happiness and bliss, a deep connection with life, a feeling of belonging and love toward others, a desire to be kind, connection with your inner child, playfulness, joy and thankfulness.

On these special gatherings, we invite you to connect to the cacao medicine to open our hearts, heal and
celebrate together. Surrounded by live music and ceremonial chants, we will delve into our deepest feelings.

After connecting, we activate our bodies to move during a dance journey, to bring out and share all this bliss and
A cacao ceremony with live music and ceremonial chants, followed by a dance session with a live act: without a doubt, an unforgettable experience awaits.


Creating your ritual

Many shamanic traditions teach that plants have a higher level of consciousness, and that by ingesting them
we’re able to access expanded states of awareness. By creating a ritual with a cup of warm ceremonial grade
cacao, you are developing your own connection with Mama Cacao.
You can include a cacao ritual in any creative endeavor you like. Regardless of the activity, taking the time to
pause, inquire and listen is just as important as the task-oriented, high-focus work we do, and creating a ritual
can help with this. It’s often in moments of ceremony that we have our greatest insights, helping us work clearly
and effectively.
To start cultivating your own connection with Mama Cacao, we recommend attending our rituals and ceremonies.
Rituals can make any everyday situation special and memorable. They help create unique spaces, circumstances and experiences, where the sacred can take place.

The benefits of ceremonial cacao

This heart-warming or “heart-opening” sensation is what brings about the uniquely expansive, peaceful, open, and elevated physical and mental states that cacao ceremonies revolve around. The higher the quality of the bean used to make the paste, the more powerful the sensations.

Legal notice: A varied and balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle.


Mama Cacao is a 100% raw, organic, direct trade and vegan pure ceremonial grade cacao.

Mama Cacao is a 100% pure cacao paste with beneficial, healthy and mood-lifting properties.

Our cacao is made from the noblest cacao beans on the planet. The great care with which our cacao beans are grown and harvested gives the cacao its ceremonial grade quality.

100% raw, organic, direct trade and vegan pure ceremonial grade cacao.

Pure cacao paste with beneficial, healthy and mood- lifting properties.


Our products

Mama Cacao, Ceremonial Grade Organic Raw Cacao

Become a member of our community

And to take part in rituals and ceremonies, or to plan your own rituals whenever you want. Skip the wait, receive your ceremonial cacao monthly and get special offers for our events.